IFS Logistics Certification

IFS Logistics is the standard to audit all the logistics activities for food and non-food items, such as transportation, storage, distribution, loading/unloading, etc. This applies to all kinds of activities including the freight transportation by road, train or ship of refrigerated/frozen products or products that do not need refrigeration.

Lebensmittel /verderbliche Ware
Lebensmittel /verderbliche Ware

QS Certification

The QS inspection system of the QS Qualität und Sicherheit GmbH for food quality is one of the most popular control systems for meat and meat products, fruit, vegetables and animal feed. It monitors quality throughout all the production stages – (from production to processing and retail).

GDP Pharma Certification

GDP, certification that audits the processes that ensure good pharmaceutical transportation practices. An international quality standard that protects the products and the agents of the sector, which is based on the constant surveillance of the whole value chain. The internationally accepted regulations on Good Dispensing Practices for pharmaceuticals establish that the pharmaceutical distributors must adapt their operations to the corresponding standards.